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2020-05-31 diary
Don't "Guess" How People in Other Roles Work
2020-05-26 programming
Completed Functional Programming in Scala Specialization on Coursera, Finally
2020-05-01 diary
Issue-Driven Makes You Professional
2020-04-18 diary
How I'm Working From Home
2020-04-11 data science
What Makes a Good Dashboard: The Rise of Augmented Analytics
2020-04-04 diary
Life with (Partially) Broken iPhone
2020-03-29 diary
The Hardest Part of 2020's Strategic Ideation
2020-02-07 diary
Why a Data Science Engineer Becomes a Product Manager
2020-01-26 design
Design Thinking = Capturing the World Like a Designer
2020-01-20 conference
The Rise of Customer-Centric Retailing @ NRF Retail's Big Show #NRF2020
2020-01-05 diary
How to Produce Ideas
2019-11-17 conference
What I've Seen at IoT Solutions World Congress 2019
2019-11-10 data science
Rethinking the Role of Data Leaders @ Data Leaders Summit Europe 2019
2019-10-26 conference
ApacheCon 2019 North America #ACNA19 & Europe #ACEU19
2019-09-08 diary
I Stopped Drinking Alone for 4 Months
2019-08-31 programming
Hello Netrify for Hosting a Static Site
2019-07-26 programming
Lightning Talk about Recommender Systems in Julia at #JuliaCon 2019
2019-07-13 conference
User Modeling, Adaptation, Personalization for Marketing #UMAP2019
2019-04-07 programming
TokuDB in MariaDB (on Ubuntu)
2019-03-31 programming
Publishing My Master's Thesis with Documenter.jl
2019-03-24 programming
Apache Hivemall in PySpark
2019-01-14 programming
Feeding User-Item Interactions to Python-Based Streaming Recommendation Engine via Faust
2018-11-22 conference
Attending MLconf SF 2018 #mlconf18
2018-11-02 programming
Sending Sensor Data from Mbed Simulator to Treasure Data
2018-10-26 data science
Apache Hivemall at #ODSCEurope, #RecSys2018, and #MbedConnect
2017-11-11 programming
Understanding Research Trends in Recommender Systems from Word Cloud
2017-06-26 programming
Deploying Static Site to GitHub Pages via Travis CI
2017-05-28 programming
Hugo meets kramdown + KaTeX #gohugo
2017-04-30 programming
Moving to GitHub Pages
2017-04-16 programming
Comparison of Running Time of Cached/Uncached Spark RDD
2017-02-25 programming
Parallel Programming vs. Concurrent Programming
2017-01-21 programming
FluRS: A Python Library for Online Item Recommendation
2017-01-14 programming
Recommendation.jl: Building Recommender Systems in Julia
2017-01-07 diary
My New Year's Resolution 2017: Write an Article Every Week
2015-10-19 programming
Migrate to Hugo from Jekyll: Another Solution for the MathJax+Markdown Issue
2015-10-13 conference
PyCon JP 2015 #pyconjp
2015-10-04 conference
Japan PHP Conference 2015 #phpcon2015
2015-10-03 machine learning
Machine Learning Summer School 2015 Kyoto #MLSSKYOTO
2015-04-21 machine learning
How to Derive the Normal Equation
2014-11-09 diary
Hello English Entries