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👋 Hi, I'm Takuya

Machine Learning & Data Science Product Developer

I'm passionate about bridging a gap between scientific theory and real-world practice in industry. At Arm Treasure Data, an organization building an enterprise-grade big data analytics platform, I have been practically acted as a data scientist, technical evangelist, sales engineer, product manager, machine learning engineer, and software engineer through the experience of contributing to OSS for scalable ML, building out-of-the-box ML application, presenting at conferences, and working on a variety of customer-facing opportunities. My current interest is particularly in designing user experience of technologically advanced products in the ML, data science, and IoT domain.

  Traveling, Running, Hiking, Drinking.

  Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
  k.takuti at gmail.com



ApacheCon Europe 2019
Apache Hivemall Meets PySpark: Scalable Machine Learning with Hive, Spark, and Python
ApacheCon North America 2019
What's New and Coming to Apache Hivemall: Building More Flexible Machine Learning Solution for Apache Hive and Spark
JuliaCon 2019
Recommendation.jl: Building Recommender Systems in Julia
UMAP 2019
Zero-Coding UMAP in Marketing: A Scalable Platform for Profiling and Predicting Customer Behavior by Just Clicking on the Screen
RecSys 2018
Query-Based Simple and Scalable Recommender Systems with Apache Hivemall
ODSC Europe 2018
Apache Hivemall: Query-Based Handy, Scalable Machine Learning on Hive
EuroSciPy 2017
FluRS: A Library for Streaming Recommendation Algorithms
CHIIR 2017
Sketching Dynamic User-Item Interactions for Online Item Recommendation
RecProfile 2016
Incremental Factorization Machines for Persistently Cold-starting Online Item Recommendation
WIMS 2015
User Modeling in Folksonomies: Relational Clustering and Tag Weighting


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