👋 Hi, I'm Takuya

Takuya Kitazawa is a product developer, minimalistic traveler, ultralight hiker & runner, and craft beer enthusiast. Throughout my career, I have practically worked as a full-stack software engineer, OSS developer, technical evangelist, sales engineer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, and product manager. See my "now" page for more about what I am doing lately.

I'm passionate about bridging a gap between scientific theory and real-world practice in industry. The previous contribution includes but is not limited to developing OSS for scalable ML, building out-of-the-box ML application, writing academic papers, presenting at tech conferences, and working on customer-facing opportunities in a variety of industries such as online media, gaming, retail and supply chain.

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2019 | Tech Conference
Apache Hivemall Meets PySpark: Scalable Machine Learning with Hive, Spark, and Python
2019 | Tech Conference
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2019 | Academic Conference
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2018 | Academic Conference
Query-Based Simple and Scalable Recommender Systems with Apache Hivemall