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Japan PHP Conference 2015 #phpcon2015

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I have attended phpcon2015, Japan PHP Conference 2015, on October 3.


As you know, this year is very important for PHP users, because PHP7 will be released very soon. So, the theme of this PHP conference is 7.

Though this was my first experience of attending large-scale conference in a cool geek community, I really enjoyed many exciting talks. Basically, I listened invited foreign speakers' talk, and all of them provided super favorable knowledge.

“Performance Testing Modern Apps” @dustinwhittle

He introduced many useful performance testing tools such as:

"Automate performance testing, and treat performance as a feature"

“From PHP to Machine Code” @juokaz

Next, this was great introduction to how programming languages work (not only PHP). Today, a wide variety of engineers/designers use PHP, and some of them actually do not have computer science background. Hence, this kind of fundamental knowledge is valuable.

Also, we were really surprised his latest work in Python, called PyHP, to implement PHP with JIT support.

“Database Theory Models and Abstractions” @etc

His presentation was technologically and visually stimulating. Well-organized 20-minute talk and attractive pictures were effective way to tell confusing database theories.

I understood how learning theoretical aspects of database is an important thing to efficiently manage our massive, complex data.

Keynote “Speeding up the Web with PHP 7” @rasmus

Previously, I was just curious about PHP as a tool to develop web applications. However, thanks to Rasmus's passionate keynote and all contents in phpcon2015, now I am also interested in PHP as one programming language. Again, PHP7 will be released very soon, around the end of October or beginning of November!

In fact, I first used PHP more than 4 years before, but there are still lots of things I don't know. Hence, this conference was good opportunity for me to understand past, present and future of PHP.




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Last updated: 2022-09-02

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