Ethical Product Developer

In this series, I reflect on my experiences of building software products for capitalist corporations, make a philosophical attempt to explore developers' ethics and provide practical guidance and tools to turn the dilemma into actions. Read Productizing Data with People for applying ethical product development practices to data and AI products.

mood-board * Understanding other roles in a product team is one of the key steps toward an ethical developer. Thus, I took a UI/UX design course at one point.

Articles in this series

  1. How to Produce Ideas
  2. Design Thinking = Capturing the World Like a Designer
  3. Why a Data Science Engineer Becomes a Product Manager
  4. Don't "Guess" How People in Other Roles Work
  5. Language as a Design Tool
  6. Hi Product Managers, Are You Creating Products That *You* Love?
  7. Why Your Job Title Matters
  8. Sustainable Capitalism: The Importance of Long-Term Thinking and Adaptivity
  9. Ethical Product Developer
  10. "Definition of Done"
  11. "Why Do We Build This?" Humane Technologist's View of Bad Product/Project
  12. Why Your Job Title Matters (Cont.)─Technology for the People
  13. Why We "Productize"
  14. The Locality of Information and Technology
  15. How Information Flows: From Field Studies to Risk Mitigation
  16. Information Sustainability, Mindful Consumption, and Healthy Engineering
  17. Materializing Digital Transformation

  Author: Takuya Kitazawa

Takuya Kitazawa is a freelance software developer, previously working at a Big Tech and Silicon Valley-based start-up company where he wore multiple hats as a full-stack software developer, machine learning engineer, data scientist, and product manager. At the intersection of technological and social aspects of data-driven applications, he is passionate about promoting the ethical use of information technologies through his mentoring, business consultation, and public engagement activities. See CV for more information, or contact at [email protected].