ApacheCon Europe 2019
Apache Hivemall Meets PySpark: Scalable Machine Learning with Hive, Spark, and Python
ApacheCon North America 2019
What's New and Coming to Apache Hivemall: Building More Flexible Machine Learning Solution for Apache Hive and Spark
JuliaCon 2019
Recommendation.jl: Building Recommender Systems in Julia
UMAP 2019
Zero-Coding UMAP in Marketing: A Scalable Platform for Profiling and Predicting Customer Behavior by Just Clicking on the Screen
RecSys 2018
Query-Based Simple and Scalable Recommender Systems with Apache Hivemall
ODSC Europe 2018
Apache Hivemall: Query-Based Handy, Scalable Machine Learning on Hive
EuroSciPy 2017
FluRS: A Library for Streaming Recommendation Algorithms
CHIIR 2017
Sketching Dynamic User-Item Interactions for Online Item Recommendation
RecProfile 2016
Incremental Factorization Machines for Persistently Cold-starting Online Item Recommendation
WIMS 2015
User Modeling in Folksonomies: Relational Clustering and Tag Weighting