What I'm Doing Now

Last updated: October 29, 2023

This is a now page. I will update the page roughly once a month to share where I am, what I'm focusing on, and what I don't do.

Mzuzu, Malawi

Promoting equitable access to ICT in Africa

I moved to Malawi, a beautiful landlocked country in Southern Africa, via a Canadian international volunteering program from World University Service of Canada. As Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Advisor at a local entrepreneurship hub, Mzuzu E-Hub, my role is to promote equitable access to ICT, especially for young people, through the lens of gender equality and social inclusion. According to the Digital 2023: Malawi report, half of the population in Malawi is under 18, which has enormous potential for empowering the country's economy, yet the country's internet penetration stays low. The urgency let the Government of Malawi implement the Digital Malawi Program to accelerate Malawi's digital transformation. My responsibility fits in this very context, and I challenge myself to face the gaps between developed countries and Malawi's urban and rural areas.

Crystallizing my experiences in information technology

Why do certain populations, like Malawians, have limited access to information technology? Even if they do have access, why can't my friends, relatives, mentees, colleagues, or even myself, stop an unbalanced information diet that manipulates and exploits us? After all, why do the power dynamics making the rich richer and leaving the marginalized population behind exist? In the information-rich world, I'm searching for an exit from the negative loop by questioning how information flows in our society. In particular, I am spending more time learning from philosophical, religious, and social scientific studies to cultivate my awareness of micro-level communication and its role in larger systems.

Living well: Practicing how to eat, workout, and rest more effectively

I am a runner, and my most recent accomplishments were Vancouver Half Marathon (1'35) and Ottawa Half Marathon (1'31) in May 2023. The next big milestone is to run a sub-3.5 marathon, following sub-4 finish at the Royal Victoria Marathon in Oct 2022. For me, running is a way to maintain and strengthen my mental health because the habit naturally requires me to eat well, rest enough, and push my limitation. Not to mention that physical endurance is equally or more important, and I'm trying to gain proper knowledge and practice for muscle growth, recovery, and injury prevention.

Accumulating more experience and knowledge in nature

As a resident of the earth, I intentionally spend my spare time in nature as much as possible. When it comes to hiking, I'm an active follower of 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia, and I have done 28 hikes out of 105 so far. While I currently live outside of Canada, my passion for outdoor activities remains the same, and my goal is not only to explore as many local sites as possible but to enrich my knowledge and skills further. For example, I have recently upgraded my Canadian Red Cross's Remote First Aid certificate to the advanced Wilderness First Aid certificate. Meanwhile, I recently learned scuba diving in Lake Malawi and got my PADI Open Water license from Aqua Africa.